What does your home selling process involve?

At Sell My Home Fast Chicago, the process is as easy as 1-2-3.

You just need to submit your details on the site or by calling us, meet with our investor at your property, and choose a preferred settlement date after the paperwork has been reviewed and a cash offer finalized.

Leave the rest to us. We’ll strive to make sure you get paid within just days. You can visit the “how it works” page for more information.

How much do you charge to sell my property?


Additionally, we cover most, if not all the costs involved, upon buying your house as-is. For instance, our investors take care of the closing costs as well as legal fees that may be associated with the sale.  Our investors like to keep things simple for the people we work with.

How are your cash offers calculated?

You will be provided a realistic, no obligation cash offer that is fair for both parties depending on a number of factors. Offers are calculated by our highly experienced team of underwriters and real estate experts depending on factors such as the condition of your property, market prices, and real estate market conditions.

How long will it take you to sell my home?

As explained in our how it works page, you get to choose a settlement date, meaning that you have a say as far as the closing date is concerned.

For most of our clients, the property closes within the shortest time possible–as little as seven days. However, sometimes it may take a few days more depending on the current volume of requests and how fast our third-party title partner can process the transaction.

Nonetheless, we strive to keep it simple and quick and to accommodate your preferred closing date.

What types of property do you buy?

We deal with a wide range of properties. Our current investors are interested in homes, condos, townhouses, rental multi-tenants, and some types of commercial property. The best thing would be to get in touch with us with the details of the property you need to sell to get more information.

Who covers any outstanding taxes, liens or judgments?

In most cases when selling a house, the homeowner is required to settle any claims, liens, judgments or taxes that need paying. However, you can also inform us of any such issues during the initial stages of the sale process.

This can be helpful in avoiding pitfalls and ensuring that you get paid your cash within as little as 7 days as promised.

What if my home needs repairs?

We specialize in helping homeowners sell their property in as-is condition. Regardless of the amount of damage your property is in, our investors are always ready to help you close within a matter of days without having to worry about the repairs.

During the sale process, our investors will assess the property and consider the repairs, providing you with the best fair cash offer for your home in as-is condition.

Who buys the homes?

It’s important to note that we do not buy homes directly from our clients. Rather, we offer a bridge connecting them to our rich network of real estate property investors.

First and foremost, we understand the sensitive nature of selling ones home to an investor.  Therefore, we only work with local home builders and community investors.

We’re proud to let you know that our investors are not only born and raised in Chicago, but they still live in Chicago, too.

It is important our investors understand and respect the dynamics of your neighborhood.  “Building With Compassion and Care” is our motto for a reason.

Our all cash investors are also well capitalized.  Here are a few other reasons why you should consider working with them.

  • No repairs needed to sell your property
  • No fees and no commissions asked
  • Property closes in days as little as 7
  • You choose your preferred settlement date-we work with your schedule
  • Sell your home fast for cash offer with minimal to no delays
  • A rich investor network
  • We specialize in a wide range of property

Can you buy a property that is listed with an agent?

No, we don’t.  When your home is listed with an agent, the notion is that you’ve already made the decision to hire someone to sell your property.

You are most likely to have signed an agreement with them. This means that buying such a property would be like abetting the breach of an agreement, so we prefer dealing with homes that aren’t listed with a real estate agent.

Can you buy my house if I’m facing foreclosure?


As a matter of fact, foreclosure is one of the many reasons most of our customers want to sell their houses for cash quick. This is because most lenders prefer receiving payment in cash for their mortgage loans instead of having to take their client’s property to recover their money.

For this reason, most of them can agree to delay foreclosure until you can sell your property and find the money you need to pay them off.

This is where we come in. We can help you put you in touch with an investor to sell your property within a select period of time before the foreclosure date.

It’s always a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

What if I have a mortgage?

As a matter of fact, some of our clients come to us looking to sell their homes because they can no longer be able to service their mortgage loans.

For some, the mortgage loan is behind and they’re even facing foreclosure for one reason or the other. Nonetheless, we’re committed to remaining on the right side of the law, according to which or mortgages should be settled.

If you have a mortgage, it is important to understand that it should be paid off.

Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation cash offer!

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